Thursday, 15 February 2018

Another Conscript Arrives

Hi everyone , I'm Connor (instagram: @mysterion_painting) and I'm another new member for this cool blogging group .

A little about me: I've love warhammer (all of its lines) since I was a mere youngling, I originally got into the hobby via the cool lord of the rings released and begged my family until I got hold of my first Mordor Ork set of minis and have loved it ever since bar a couple of short break spells.

What I collect: I have a Blood Ravens Primaris army, a Thousand Sons heresy army, an Ork army (Which is for Sale!) , an Empire/Stormcast AOS army and finally (but by no means least!) a Gundabad Orc army for The Hobbit.

Plans for 2018: Expand my Thousand Sons army to add depth and unit variety, finish up painting my AOS and Hobbit armies and then maybe start a imperial fist army because I love that Dorn mini!

In my next post I will showcase my Thousand Sons army (so far) and maybe including a mini battle report. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoy my contributions to this blog.

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