Thursday, 15 February 2018

New Contributor? Who the heck is this guy...

Hello! Ben of Studio22 Painting here joining as a part-time contributor. I have been invited to share a few painting tutorials and other hobby-related fluff. Here are a few bits about me:

I am (almost) an exclusively Horus Heresy painter and player, with some limited interests in both Warhammer 41k and Age of Sigmar. I also have access to a 13,000 point Legio Custodes force, and a 5000 point Mechanicum army.

Iron Warriors force (now in excess of 18,000 points)

A Titan Legio (in excess of 10,000 points in total)

5000 point Mechanicum army

I also have ongoing projects in Heresy Salamanders, Emperor's Children and Blood Angels. 

My past projects include Utramarines and Thousand Sons. Please do check out some of my past projects on instagram at or @Studio22_painting

My phobias and pet hates are Knight Houses and I am deathly-allergic to all things Nurgle, much to Steve Wise's amusement. 

I have a fair bit of experience with painting. I've taken lessons with several Golden Demon winners. The majority of my base-painting is done with an airbrush (which I may cover in a later post) but a lot of detail work has to be done with a brush. I've been lucky to have been awarded a Golden Demon finalist pin for my Horus Heresy Duel pictured below. Not quite a statuette but still steps in the right direction!
If anyone has any topics they want to cover, please do throw them in the comment section and I'll do my best to get to them. Suggestions could be colour schemes, weathering techniques and technical questions. If I can't answer them, we'll have fun muddling through together! 

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