Monday, 28 May 2018

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius - Part 2

Work on the big Man continues. I forgot to mention in the last post that I also did some alterations to his base. I added some additional details from my bitzbox to help slightly alter his pose and add a bit more height. Anyway, on with the important part of the conversion... his arm! As you can see I've now attached it to his body. 

Arm construction is underway

As mentioned in last post I designed this conversion to be able to cover the alterations with existing resin details. I carefully cut around the "leather straps" and heated them so I could bend them upwards and out of the way (for now). I started gap filling and added an alternative hand as the normal one is part of the spear.

Adding additional leather straps to shoulder

I manged to get hold of a spare arm from a bits seller to have as a backup incase my conversion attempt went wrong but as it was working out I carefully removed the leather straps from this and added them to the front of the shoulder pad to further blend the changes together. For some strange reason the original model has leather straps on the front and back of the right shoulder pad but only on the back of the left one so me adding these not only covers up the conversion work it makes things look a bit more uniform.

Oh Crap, this is make or break time!
Next is the most fiddly bit of the conversion, cutting the spear into sections and giving these a pin and rebuild.

More to follow Soon!

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