Sunday, 27 May 2018

Hail Hydra! - Assembling Alpharius - Part 1

Time to dive back in after some hobby-burnout. Sorry for the radio silence these last couple of months, lots of things kept getting in the way of my hobby time and the longer this went on the harder I found it to get back into the swing of things. Well I am glad to report that I have got my shit together and getting my hands on one of the pre-release Alpharius boxes reignited my hobby drive. You have all seen the pics of him by now and what an awesome looking model he is. The details on this things are incredible and I have to say as great as all the other Primarch models are THIS is easily my favourite. There are only a small number of these currently out there that were available from Warhammer Fest but he will be on general release soon and when he is I'm sure we will see lots of Alpha Legion armies out there. His current pose looks cool but once he is removed from the large scenic base he looks like he is going to town on a pile of hay. With this in mind I went about thinking how I could change his pose and came up with the idea of having him look like he was throwing his spear instead. So after several hours of pacing and muttering "Should I or Shouldn't I?" I took a deep breath and started cutting up one of his arms....

The Cutting Begins
I cut this into several sections and put some pins through the pieces to secure them into their new shape.

The Re-shaped arm awaiting greenstuff
My Greenstuff skills are average at best so I designed my conversion around being able to hide most of the cuts and greenstuff work with resin details.

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