Friday, 10 November 2017

Zombicide Black Plague

In a mad quest for forbidden knowledge and ultimate power, the necromancers have unleashed the apocalypse upon the living. Zombies have destroyed the King’s armies, and now roam the land, spreading chaos and death. Is it the end? Are we cursed to die, huddled in our homes? It’s a dark time, but not for those with a will. Draw your sword, span your crossbow, and ready your spells! For the few, the brave, it’s time for… Zombicide!

I have been meaning to pick up one of the Zombicide sets ever since Morpheus brought along his copy of Zombicide Prison Outbreak to one of my gaming groups boardgame nights a few months back. Since his game was set in a modern prison setting I thought I would pickup something a bit different to add a bit of variety to our community games pool. I set my sights on Zombicide Black Plague as I really liked the sound of the theme: Swords and Sorcery.. AND ZOMBIES?! SIGN ME UP!  I recently picked up a starter set at a very reasonable price on FEEbay. The set was listed as open but in mint condition and I am pleased to report thats how it arrived. The seller also included a few extra Survivors which I assume were bonuses from the Kick Starter set which were not mentioned in the listing but a very welcome addition. 
From a modelling/design perspective I really liked the look of the "Special Guest" packs that were released alongside the core set that include new survivors designed by well known illustrators like Adrian Smith and Karl Kopinski. I went with the set designed by Edouard Guiton (artwork above) and this will give my group a nice selection of characters to choose from.
I got in a quick couple of games with a friend so we can familiarise ourselves with the rules in preperation for the main group giving Black Plague a go in a few weeks time. I went with Kaila from the Edouard Guiton set and we got stuck in with the tutorial mission. Although we got swamped at one point were were able to complete the mission thanks to Kaila's excellent ability that allows you to remove an additional zombie of the same type as one that you just killed, Brutal!
Come Get Some!
At some stage in the future I hope to get some paint on these mini but for now gaze upon bare plastic! Another Zombicide update will follow once we have had our meetup.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

And Now For Something Completely Different.... The Maurader!

So since I have completed my parade board (Pictures will follow soon) I have decided to work on something non games workshop releated. It's a figure I picked up from Salute earlier this year called 'The Maurader' by MDP. I was originally after a bust, but that was sold out. But I'm very pleased with the model.

I've finally got around to opening it up and it looks Great, very nicely made, the casting is clear and crisp. Will start to build it this week and keep things up to date on here.

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago” - Friedrich Nietzsche.