Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Tale of Painters - Month 3 - Jack N' Belles

Month 3 came galloping up fast! Managed to get three Belles and also Jack Daw completed. Took a group shot with Sybelle "just because". All I need to do is some final bits here and there like trim their bushes (No, not like that Mr Pervy! :P) but they are as good as done. Sorry about the crappy pic, my Camera seems to be slowly giving up on me! I'm working on the Dead Justice set and also have the Crooked Men to get through. Will also order up the Molly clamshell when its released later this month as I want the option of having an all ladies list. My lovely Fiancee also picked me up a Citadel Wood which I have assembled and added to the "Must Paint Pile". That all for now folks!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Tale of Painters - Month 2 - SeamASH

I love Bruce Campbell. I love the Evil Dead Series. I love Army of Darkness the most. Just wanted to make that clear. I decided to start a Seamus gang and ordered up some Rotten Belle's and also Madame Sybelle. I was holding out ordering Seamus until I finished those figures first. And I am so glad I waited. Wyrd posted a preview pic of an Alt. Seamus model that they would release early for GenCon. And to my surprise the model was a homage to the Army of Darkness poster. I ordered this up as soon as it went on sale as I couldn't wait another few months for the normal release date. When it arrived the first thing that surprised me was that the whole model is a single piece, No assembly required (apart from putting on the base of course)! The second thing I noticed was that the detail on the model was amazing. Wyrd have a great eye for talent and whoever sculpted this should be very proud, Its amazing! As I looked it over I thought about what I could do with this model to make it even better and personalise it from all the others that would appear on general release. I then thought, What would Ash do? The Answer: WORKSHED! Thats right, why not make Seamus even more like Ash. So here we go ladies and gents, SeamASH! :D

Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Tale of Painters - Month 1 - Sybelle

The first model is due in the "Tale of Painters" project. I've started with the Madame herself, Sybelle. I made a number of modifications to her. The first was her riding crop. When the model arrived this was bent and twisted and snapped when I carefully attempted to straighten it. I was at a bit of a loss on what to do with her when I happened to look over at some of my Skaven stuff and spotted a giant rat. So I worked this in with some green stuff to look like she was holding it by the tail. The second mod was to give the poor lady some hair. So again I worked in some green stuff to make some flowing grey locks. I'm fairly pleased with how she turned out. I still need to do some more work to tidy up her colours and also add some dead grass to the base but as far as the project deadline is concerned, "SHE'S FINISHED!" ;)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Tale of Malifaux Painters....

A new Blog, a new start. In a bid to get more stuff done I have joined "A Tale of Malifaux Painters" project on the Wyrd forums. Basically you have a deadline of six months to complete a crew. You can of course do more than that, this is the minimum requirement. At the end of each month you need to post a photo of a finished figure(s). I've got alot of Malifaux bits on my "To do" pile and thought this is a good way of at least getting one crew finished! I've chosen to do a Seamus Crew (for starters, and at the very least!). I ordered up the Alt Seamus that was available early at Gen Con, Some Belles, Sybelle, Jack Daw and the Grave Spirit. That's what I have to work on for now and in the future I will be ordering up some more Resurrectionist mini's. I have already set to work on them and will post first pic(s) in the next couple of days.
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