Thursday, 31 August 2017

Forge World: Troggoth Hag, Merchants Cottage and Stone Bridge

A quick update to show you all what I'm working on at the moment. First up is Forge World's excellent Troggoth Hag. I have always loved this model and since I have got some Moonclan Grots on the go it gave me the perfect excuse to add Her to my army. Since taking this photo I have sorted out the moldline which annoyingly I didn't notice until after I had taken the picture. I need to do some work on her base and then I'm hoping to get Her primed and some base colours down when I'm next off work.

Next up is some progress on the Merchants Cottage. I used some polyfilla and milliput to level out the base and then added a mix of woodland scenics fine and medium ballast to the base. I need to prime this and then get the painting underway.
 polyfilla and milliput added to base
PVA and woodland scenics ballast added

And last up is one of my latest acquisitions. I managed to score a mint in box long OOP Forge World Stone Bridge for my ever-growing scenery collection. I really love the design of this and hope to pair it up with a Re-painted Pegasus Hobbies River Set. More on that soon.
Box Fresh!

Dragons-eye view
Troggoths-eye view

Ulver - Trollskogen

Armies on Parade 2017 - A bit of paint on the board...

So I have done a bit more, I'm happy with the filler and have sprayed the whole thing. Still have a few fence bits, ladders and the crate to spray. But it's starting to look nore like what I had in mind, a dusty dry old mine that's been taken by Choas Cultists.
The sprayed Board (basecoat)
As I promised, here is where I am with my models, slow and steady but getting there, there are also plague marines, a blight drone and some sort of leader... possibly Mortarian, we will see.

The Crane WIP Needs details to be added and ageing.

Beserker Ogryn WIP



Valkerie WIP

Bit of freehand, Deamon Pinup

Earthquakes WIP

Cultists command squad

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Product Review: TheBattleForge - Mushrooms and Toadstools

I have been searching around for a company that makes a variety of Mushrooms/Fungus that I can use as basing features for my Moonclan Grot army and came across the excellent "TheBattleForge". They are UK-based company which being a fellow resident of this little Island is something I prefer when making online orders since you tend to pay a lot less postage (FREE in this case!) but more importantly your stuff arrives quicker. Their website is easy to navigate with categories and subcategories clearly displayed so you know exactly where you need to go. For my first order I finally settled on the following items:

I placed my order late one evening and 3 days later the items arrived. They were shipped in a padded envelope with the items divided up into small bags and stapled to the order confirmation. As you can see in the below photo the mushrooms come with their own "pins" at the bottom of the stems making attaching them to bases even easier. Just drill a hole in your base, add a splash of superglue, pop the pin in... jobs a good'un! 

I was really impressed with both the service and products from TheBattleForge. They are priced well and FREE UK postage gives you even better value for money. These will help add some really nice details throughout my army. Speaking of which, I have been working on basing the White Dwarf Subscription Goblin Warboss and added two of the small mushrooms from the "Giant Goblin Mushroom and Toadstool x20 pack". The resin ones on the right were left over from the Mangler Squigs kit.

TheBattleForge Mushrooms on the left. Pretty fetching huh?!

I will definitely be making more orders in the future. Check their full range of products here:

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Forge World: Merchants Cottage WIP

In my ongoing quest to acquire OOP Forge World terrain I ended up with two of the Wood Cutters Cottages. One I purchased a year or so ago was still mint in box and I have built that stock. The other came poorly assembled by the previous owner complete with a fairly thick splash of paint and has been sat on a shelf awaiting some inspiration... and inspiration has struck! I have decided to turn this "spare" one into a Merchants Cottage. The main structure will remain as is but I have removed the wood pile and axe (as seen in the stock picture below) and attached the cottage to a beveled MDF base. I used a section of fence from GW's "Walls & Fences" kit and then selected some resin accessories to help change the look from "Wood Cutter" to "Merchant". A full product review for these bits and info on where you can purchase them will follow in a future article. Here is the current progress:

The Stock Cottage

First try. Looks ok I guess...

Bingo! We have a winner.

And as always, here is an appropriate song for this post:

Sellsword - Merchants of Menace

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Armies on Parade 2017

Hey all, I am new to all this blogging stuff and Regnak has asked me join him, so here I am. I am working on my 2017 Army's on Parade and have been inspired by the shadow war terrain and am making a Mine run by Chaos/Cultists. Below are a few images to get you up to speed of where I am now on the board. I'll show you all the models later in the week.
Testing the terrain 

Layout with insulation boards

Coffee stirer decking

Painting some walkways and closer up on polyfiller.
Overview of current WHO. Lots to do!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I see a bad moon a-rising

I see a bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad times today

The time has come to resurrect this much neglected blog in a bid to keep me on track with my newest project for Age of Sigmar: Moonclan Grots (Aka Night Goblins!). I will be chronicling my progress (I hope!) and if all goes to plan there will also be a few other authors joining the blog so we should get some actual content appearing at last! I have gone through and removed the majority of old posts as I want a fresh start. Thanks to everyone who followed and commented previously, I hope you enjoy the new direction!

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago” - Friedrich Nietzsche.