Monday, 2 July 2018

A New Project - Yellow on the Horizon!

Well things have turned yellow and I mean REALLY yellow. I have started work on a new 30k army, The Imperial Fists! The theme for this army is a Tank Company that rallied and performed counter attacks on terra. I've got 3 completed units (images below) dorms personal company of hurscals have lent 10 of their elite terminators lead by their siege consul, 10 templar brethren, and pollux.


terminators and siege consul

Templar Brethren

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Alpha Legion - Lernaean Terminators

Cracked on with some more Alpha Legion this time with a squad of Lernaean Terminators. I did a bit of conversion work on these swapping out a couple of the power axes with a Power First and Chain Fist respectively. I also thought it would be a good idea to magnetised the special weapons guy giving him the option to rock a Conversion Beamer or a Plasma Blaster.

Squad with Conversion Beamer

Squad with Plasma Blaster

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Dino Debut - Sons of Horus

Hey there guys! 

This will be my first blog post, as university term has just ended and so I've finally gotten enough time to work on my hobbies!

As a quick intro to me, I've been doing wargaming since I can remember, and while I've been playing Games Workshop games for almost 12 years now, I also play several historical and alternative sci-fi games (especially 6mm WWII) which may make occasional guest appearances in my posts!
Within Games Workshop, which is the main focus of the blog, I play pretty much every system they have out now, and a few OOP ones. Every flavour of 40K Chaos and AoS Death are the two main forces, but over the years I've collected a bit of everything. I'm very much a hobby butterfly, so don't be surprised if every post I make has wildly different content! Recently, I've been eyeing up building my own 40K board (finally!) and making it Necromunda suitable, so you may see some Gangs knocking about soon as well!

Moving on to the main part of this post, most of you will have seen Regnak's Alpha Legion over the last few weeks, and we've agreed to do some Zone Mortalis battles to get back into Heresy era gaming. As a result, I bought up some more Sons of Horus to make into a purpose-built Zone Mortalis force, especially as up till now I haven't had any Justaerin! So I took the opportunity and jumped in.

I swear his hand isn't as off centre as it looks there. . . 
The Sons of Horus Contemptor is one of my personal favourite FW models, and if Regnak is gonna be bringing Alpharius they're gonna need to do a lot of heavy lifting! At least until I finally build up the courage to go for Horus. . .

However, while finding some Custodes bits for Regnak's awesomely in-depth Alpharius conversion, I realised I had 15 Sisters of Silence knocking about unbuilt, so I've started working on those to try and get them up to ZM level, although I've hit a bit of a block because their units are so points cheap compared to the Legions!

Here's a Vigilator Cadre with breaching charge courtesy of some Death Korps

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius - Part 3

I can't believe it. I had an idea and it worked!! Here he is all Blu-Tacked together for a quick photoshoot. I'm really happy with how this conversion came out. He reminds me of a Spartan with his spear, cloak and helmet crest especially in the bottom pic.. very Leonidas. The spear was a little tricky with some pretty delicate drilling but I think it turned out ok in the end.

Spear Fishing Anyone?

"I'm gonna catch me a DornFish!" 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius - Part 2

Work on the big Man continues. I forgot to mention in the last post that I also did some alterations to his base. I added some additional details from my bitzbox to help slightly alter his pose and add a bit more height. Anyway, on with the important part of the conversion... his arm! As you can see I've now attached it to his body. 

Arm construction is underway

As mentioned in last post I designed this conversion to be able to cover the alterations with existing resin details. I carefully cut around the "leather straps" and heated them so I could bend them upwards and out of the way (for now). I started gap filling and added an alternative hand as the normal one is part of the spear.

Adding additional leather straps to shoulder

I manged to get hold of a spare arm from a bits seller to have as a backup incase my conversion attempt went wrong but as it was working out I carefully removed the leather straps from this and added them to the front of the shoulder pad to further blend the changes together. For some strange reason the original model has leather straps on the front and back of the right shoulder pad but only on the back of the left one so me adding these not only covers up the conversion work it makes things look a bit more uniform.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Hail Hydra! - Assembling Alpharius - Part 1

Time to dive back in after some hobby-burnout. Sorry for the radio silence these last couple of months, lots of things kept getting in the way of my hobby time and the longer this went on the harder I found it to get back into the swing of things. Well I am glad to report that I have got my shit together and getting my hands on one of the pre-release Alpharius boxes reignited my hobby drive. You have all seen the pics of him by now and what an awesome looking model he is. The details on this things are incredible and I have to say as great as all the other Primarch models are THIS is easily my favourite. There are only a small number of these currently out there that were available from Warhammer Fest but he will be on general release soon and when he is I'm sure we will see lots of Alpha Legion armies out there. His current pose looks cool but once he is removed from the large scenic base he looks like he is going to town on a pile of hay. With this in mind I went about thinking how I could change his pose and came up with the idea of having him look like he was throwing his spear instead. So after several hours of pacing and muttering "Should I or Shouldn't I?" I took a deep breath and started cutting up one of his arms....

The Cutting Begins
I cut this into several sections and put some pins through the pieces to secure them into their new shape.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Malign Portents: Sticking with Herzberg Irregulars

I was planning on switching back to my Renegades for the next couple of weeks but have instead cracked on with the Herzberg Irregulars. The main reason? Malign Portents! Since this campaign is running for a while I thought it made sense to get my new AOS army up and running as soon as possible so I can at least get a few games in. This will also hopefully speed up my building and painting backlog.. we shall see! I have started work on Forge World's excellent Elspeth Von Draken on Carmine Dragon kit and thought it best to magnetise the wings to make transporting this beastie a bit easier.

Carmine Dragon WIP #1 - Magnets added to wings

Carmine Dragon WIP #2 - Wings attached

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Another Conscript Arrives

Hi everyone , I'm Connor (instagram: @mysterion_painting) and I'm another new member for this cool blogging group .

A little about me: I've love warhammer (all of its lines) since I was a mere youngling, I originally got into the hobby via the cool lord of the rings released and begged my family until I got hold of my first Mordor Ork set of minis and have loved it ever since bar a couple of short break spells.

What I collect: I have a Blood Ravens Primaris army, a Thousand Sons heresy army, an Ork army (Which is for Sale!) , an Empire/Stormcast AOS army and finally (but by no means least!) a Gundabad Orc army for The Hobbit.

Plans for 2018: Expand my Thousand Sons army to add depth and unit variety, finish up painting my AOS and Hobbit armies and then maybe start a imperial fist army because I love that Dorn mini!

In my next post I will showcase my Thousand Sons army (so far) and maybe including a mini battle report. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoy my contributions to this blog.

New Contributor? Who the heck is this guy...

Hello! Ben of Studio22 Painting here joining as a part-time contributor. I have been invited to share a few painting tutorials and other hobby-related fluff. Here are a few bits about me:

I am (almost) an exclusively Horus Heresy painter and player, with some limited interests in both Warhammer 41k and Age of Sigmar. I also have access to a 13,000 point Legio Custodes force, and a 5000 point Mechanicum army.

Iron Warriors force (now in excess of 18,000 points)

A Titan Legio (in excess of 10,000 points in total)

5000 point Mechanicum army

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Herzberg Irregulars Progress Report #1

Well these last 2 weeks have flown by! I have managed to get a fair chunk of my Herzberg Irregulars assembled and based. I'm so glad I pulled the trigger on the DragonForge Bases, these compliment the models perfectly. The next 2 weeks will be spent back on the Renegades but before that I thought I'd make a progress report. As always with my purchases from Forge World there were issues with some of the models. Both the Empire Command set and Manann's Blades Command had issues, dodgy shiny resin, soft detail and missing parts.. all the things that have unfortunately become the norm for Me when I order from Forge World. I have sent customer service an email with issues along with photos so hopefully when the hobby project rotates back to the Herzberg Irregulars I will have the replacement kits to work on. Anyway here is current progress:

20x Ironsides inc Command

Ironsides Closeup

Ironsides Command Closeup

10x Manann's Blades

Manann's Blades Closeup

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago” - Friedrich Nietzsche.