Thursday, 28 September 2017

Progress on the Wheat Field

I managed to get in some hobby time in today and the Wheat Field is nearing completion I need to add some “Stirland Battlemire” to the sides of the doormat to hide the black rubber that is peeking out in a few spots and also finish off highlighting the trees. As a final step I will spray the base with some watered down PVA to help it survive in the world of tabletop gaming. Here are a couple more pictures including one that shows the "Wheat" sections removed so models can move through the field.

Next up I will continue work on the Merchants Cottage and also get some base colours down on an Arachnarok Spider for my Night Goblin army.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Man O'War eBay Score!

Everything included in auction
As I get older I find myself looking back with fondness on all the games I used to play as a wee nipper and wanting to recapture some of this childhood magic in my adult life. One of the games I used to play way back when was "Man O'War". I ended up getting a cracking deal on a set in very good condition. The previous owner had basically assembled the ships, pushed the tokens out of their surround and then packed everything back in the box where it has remained ever since. The cards are still sealed and the ship sails/banners unused. Even the box was described as being in good condition with just a small knock on one of the corners.
Some extra ships included in auction
Also included in the auction was an Imperial Greatship (undercoated, one mast needs a slight repair) and a Dwarf Nautilus squadron (basecoated). Buying stuff counts as hobby progress, right? Expect some Man O'War posts in the future but for now my Night Goblins will be taking priority in preparation for a big AOS game my group has planned for a months time.

Iron Maiden - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Monday, 18 September 2017

Progress, Progress, Progress!

I had a few days holiday from work and was surprisingly productive. I completed another 10 Night Goblins bringing the total to 20 so I now have the minimum unit size that can be fielded. As usual I had lots of fun painting these models, I mean look at them! Whats not to love?! This unit includes a few of the old "Netters" and "Clubbers" models and I plan on adding another 4 in a future update.

Next up is one of the old Squig-Herder teams. Unfortunately the light was crap when I took this photo so the colours have come out looking a little flat but they are painted in the same way as my other Goblins.

And last up for my painting accomplishments is the White Dwarf Subscription Goblin Warboss. This guy was really fun to paint. I did a little work on him every night for a week and I think he ended up pretty good. As mentioned in a previous post the mushrooms are a mixture of the ones you get with the Mangler-Squigs and the ones I reviewed from TheBattleForge. I overdid it a bit with the weathering powder on the rocks and plan at some stage to tone this down. I also need to redo a few of the red and white "Fairy Tale" mushrooms to match the 2 realistic coloured ones but for now I'm calling this done! 

WIP project wise I threw together some simple LOS-blocking scatter terrain using some of the many resin accessories I have accumulated. I have also primed a few bits of terrain such as the Cottage and Wheat Field and pictures of these will follow once I have made some progress painting them.

And talking of the Wheat Field, I found this guy in my bitzbox and think he might come in handy for watching over the crops. He's an old Mordheim model from the "Frenzied Mob" set.

And lastly this Box O' Fun arrived. More details on this soon...

Thursday, 7 September 2017

10 Night Goblins walk into a Wheat Field...

I kicked myself into gear and finally got to chuck some paint on 10 of my old metal Night Goblins. I have around 50 to get through so I thought it best to split them into chunks of 10. I started out with the goal of doing a quick paintjob that looks good from a metre away but up close is fairly basic. This didn't really go to plan and I spent far too long on each one although they turned out (I think) pretty good. Since taking this picture I noticed I forgot to paint the banner top, DOH! I will fix this and make a custom banner ASAP. I sooooo love the old metal Gobbo's. They are so full of character which is something I think the current range has lost. I mean, check this out:
That Guy in the middle, easily my favourite pose!

Work also began on one of my many terrain projects, a wheat field:
I took a bit of MDF and added sections of walls/fences from GW's excellent "Walls & Fences" kit. I then used some Polyfilla to mold these to the base and also build up some raised "bank" sections to help better hide the door matt rubber base. Next up will be the basing stage. At his rate I will have a small farm soon! I've got some annual leave from work coming up next week so I plan to continue on with these and other projects so expect some updates soon.

U.K. Subs - Down on the Farm

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