Friday, 23 February 2018

Malign Portents: Sticking with Herzberg Irregulars

I was planning on switching back to my Renegades for the next couple of weeks but have instead cracked on with the Herzberg Irregulars. The main reason? Malign Portents! Since this campaign is running for a while I thought it made sense to get my new AOS army up and running as soon as possible so I can at least get a few games in. This will also hopefully speed up my building and painting backlog.. we shall see! I have started work on Forge World's excellent Elspeth Von Draken on Carmine Dragon kit and thought it best to magnetise the wings to make transporting this beastie a bit easier.

Carmine Dragon WIP #1 - Magnets added to wings

Carmine Dragon WIP #2 - Wings attached

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Another Conscript Arrives

Hi everyone , I'm Connor (instagram: @mysterion_painting) and I'm another new member for this cool blogging group .

A little about me: I've love warhammer (all of its lines) since I was a mere youngling, I originally got into the hobby via the cool lord of the rings released and begged my family until I got hold of my first Mordor Ork set of minis and have loved it ever since bar a couple of short break spells.

What I collect: I have a Blood Ravens Primaris army, a Thousand Sons heresy army, an Ork army (Which is for Sale!) , an Empire/Stormcast AOS army and finally (but by no means least!) a Gundabad Orc army for The Hobbit.

Plans for 2018: Expand my Thousand Sons army to add depth and unit variety, finish up painting my AOS and Hobbit armies and then maybe start a imperial fist army because I love that Dorn mini!

In my next post I will showcase my Thousand Sons army (so far) and maybe including a mini battle report. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoy my contributions to this blog.

New Contributor? Who the heck is this guy...

Hello! Ben of Studio22 Painting here joining as a part-time contributor. I have been invited to share a few painting tutorials and other hobby-related fluff. Here are a few bits about me:

I am (almost) an exclusively Horus Heresy painter and player, with some limited interests in both Warhammer 41k and Age of Sigmar. I also have access to a 13,000 point Legio Custodes force, and a 5000 point Mechanicum army.

Iron Warriors force (now in excess of 18,000 points)

A Titan Legio (in excess of 10,000 points in total)

5000 point Mechanicum army

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Herzberg Irregulars Progress Report #1

Well these last 2 weeks have flown by! I have managed to get a fair chunk of my Herzberg Irregulars assembled and based. I'm so glad I pulled the trigger on the DragonForge Bases, these compliment the models perfectly. The next 2 weeks will be spent back on the Renegades but before that I thought I'd make a progress report. As always with my purchases from Forge World there were issues with some of the models. Both the Empire Command set and Manann's Blades Command had issues, dodgy shiny resin, soft detail and missing parts.. all the things that have unfortunately become the norm for Me when I order from Forge World. I have sent customer service an email with issues along with photos so hopefully when the hobby project rotates back to the Herzberg Irregulars I will have the replacement kits to work on. Anyway here is current progress:

20x Ironsides inc Command

Ironsides Closeup

Ironsides Command Closeup

10x Manann's Blades

Manann's Blades Closeup

Friday, 9 February 2018

Renegades Progress Report #1

Renegades January Progress (16th to 31st Jan)
Just a quick update as I forgot to mention it in a previous post. Above is the progress I have made in the first 2 weeks of my New Year hobby plan. As mentioned before, the first 2 weeks of a month are for working my 40k Renegades and the last 2 weeks are for my AOS Empire army. I am currently cracking on with the Herzberg Irregulars and have 4 days left before I switch back to the Renegades. Progress report for AOS to follow.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Herzberg Irregulars and Painting Comp

As mentioned previously I have decided to split my hobby months into half AOS and the other 40k. Since we are in the first part of the month work has finally begun on the Herzberg Irregulars. So far I have managed to assemble a 10-man Ironsides unit, 3 Manann's Blades and a model that has been sitting in a box for the last 5 years: The Event Only Warrior Priest.

Manann's Blades & Warrior Priest

And lastly here is my entry for the painting comp I mentioned in my last post. I was one vote away from 3rd place. Was a bit of a rush job and took about an hour to paint, wish I had some lighter colours to make bits stand out. 
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