Friday, 23 February 2018

Malign Portents: Sticking with Herzberg Irregulars

I was planning on switching back to my Renegades for the next couple of weeks but have instead cracked on with the Herzberg Irregulars. The main reason? Malign Portents! Since this campaign is running for a while I thought it made sense to get my new AOS army up and running as soon as possible so I can at least get a few games in. This will also hopefully speed up my building and painting backlog.. we shall see! I have started work on Forge World's excellent Elspeth Von Draken on Carmine Dragon kit and thought it best to magnetise the wings to make transporting this beastie a bit easier.

Carmine Dragon WIP #1 - Magnets added to wings

Carmine Dragon WIP #2 - Wings attached

Carmine Dragon WIP #3 - Close-up of wings

Next up on the workbench is another Forge World model, "Lietpold the Black". This has to be one of my favourite models that FW have every produced, just look at that facial expression! I can't wait to start work on this, he is primed and waiting for my next days off.
Lietpold the Black Close-ups
Primed and awaiting paint

And just when I was making good progress I ended up buying more stuff and increasing the first column a fair bit, DOH!

Current Progress

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