Saturday, 13 January 2018

First Post of the Year! 40k Renegades Project is Underway!

First post of the year. I have decided to spend the first 2 weeks of a month working on my AOS Empire army and the last 2 weeks working on my 40k Renegades. Work will begin on The Empire models from the 1st of Feb and thought I'd spend an extra couple of days getting work underway on my new Chaos Renegades project. I have made good progress so far and have put together 2x 10-Man Marauder squads (armed with shotguns) and also 5x Renegade Ogryns. I was also lucky enough to get a Valdor Tank from my Fiancee for Xmas but as with my usual luck when ordering from Forge World their non-existent quality control made sure that work on that would be delayed by "3 weeks due to how busy we are to get the faulty part cast". Why they cannot take a replacement part from one of the others in stock and send that to me to speed things up I have no idea. People always rave about the excellent customer service they provide with replacing parts but shouldn't the mark of good customer service be checking the parts BEFORE sending them out so people don't receive poor quality models that they charge premium prices for? Then add to that making the customer wait weeks before the issue is resolved? Very poor indeed. Anyway, enough moaning.. it is what it is. Here are a few more pics of my progress so far:

10-Man Marauder squad #1
10-Man Marauder squad #2
5-Man Renegade Ogryn Squad

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