Thursday, 31 May 2018

Dino Debut - Sons of Horus

Hey there guys! 

This will be my first blog post, as university term has just ended and so I've finally gotten enough time to work on my hobbies!

As a quick intro to me, I've been doing wargaming since I can remember, and while I've been playing Games Workshop games for almost 12 years now, I also play several historical and alternative sci-fi games (especially 6mm WWII) which may make occasional guest appearances in my posts!
Within Games Workshop, which is the main focus of the blog, I play pretty much every system they have out now, and a few OOP ones. Every flavour of 40K Chaos and AoS Death are the two main forces, but over the years I've collected a bit of everything. I'm very much a hobby butterfly, so don't be surprised if every post I make has wildly different content! Recently, I've been eyeing up building my own 40K board (finally!) and making it Necromunda suitable, so you may see some Gangs knocking about soon as well!

Moving on to the main part of this post, most of you will have seen Regnak's Alpha Legion over the last few weeks, and we've agreed to do some Zone Mortalis battles to get back into Heresy era gaming. As a result, I bought up some more Sons of Horus to make into a purpose-built Zone Mortalis force, especially as up till now I haven't had any Justaerin! So I took the opportunity and jumped in.

I swear his hand isn't as off centre as it looks there. . . 
The Sons of Horus Contemptor is one of my personal favourite FW models, and if Regnak is gonna be bringing Alpharius they're gonna need to do a lot of heavy lifting! At least until I finally build up the courage to go for Horus. . .

However, while finding some Custodes bits for Regnak's awesomely in-depth Alpharius conversion, I realised I had 15 Sisters of Silence knocking about unbuilt, so I've started working on those to try and get them up to ZM level, although I've hit a bit of a block because their units are so points cheap compared to the Legions!

Here's a Vigilator Cadre with breaching charge courtesy of some Death Korps

And a Prosecutor, also with discus bomb!

Currently I've managed to smush together a squad each of Prosecutors and Vigilators, and a Oblivion Knight-Centura, so pending a colour test you should see some better quality photos over the weekend as I move my lighting apparatus from uni back to home.

Escher weapons are almost perfect fits for Sisters,
and their plasma pistols have a nice pre-Heresy feel

Let me know if you've got any ideas for the Sisters, as they're very much a labour of love with not a lot of support from FW, so they're gonna be quite slow burners!

Until next time,

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